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           Recommended Reading Selection(s)

 The next recommended reading selection comes from Bobbi (7th grader) who said he enjoyed reading the following book outside of school.

                                                                        What Are You Reading?

Q. Bobbi, what are you reading for enjoyment outside of school?

A. I enjoyed reading The Girl Who Looked Beyond The Stars  (by L.B. Anne).


Q. Bobbi, what was the book about?


A. The book is about a girl name Sheena who lives in Michigan. When Sheena is 4 years old, Sheena experiences something weird that only happens to her and not to any of the other kids in her town. Now that she is 13 years old, Sheena begins to feel different. Strange things begin to happen after Sheena's father has a car accident. Sheena has odd dreams that continue to come true. Sheena receives unknown text messages. Sheena sees a bright image hanging over her father's bed when she goes to visit him in the hospital after the very bad car crash. The bright image saves her father's life. Eventually, Sheena meets an old man name Mr. Tobias who tells Sheena about her special gift that puts her family, her friends, and Sheen in danger. Mr. Tobias tells Sheena that a Murk is coming for her because she has a special gift. Sheena finds ways to protect her family and best friends from the Murk with Mr. Tobias' help.


Q. Bobbi, why would you suggest this book to others?


A. At first, I thought the book was just a mystery story, but there are some parts

in the book that really made me laugh at Sheena and her two best friends. I would

suggest the book because it keeps the reader on edge wondering what's going

to happen next in the story. 


                                                                                             *Additional Information

                                                                            Title of Book: The Girl Who Looked Beyond The Stars

                                                                                                Author: L.B. Anne

                                                                                                ISBN 10: 1700075721

                                                                                                ISBN: 13: 978-1700075727

                                                                                                Reading level(s): 5th grade & up


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