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Learn While Having Fun in the Summer

Although the COVID-19 pandemic changed the landscape of business operations to working remotely, a student's learning method to virtual learning, and socializing to social distancing, one thing the pandemic did not change is the fact children desire to have fun while parents continue to search for activities to keep their children busy once school is out for the summer.

For children, summer represents no more going to the classroom or having to do homework. Instead, summer is a time to have fun and to "enjoy free time". So, how do parents balance allowing their children to have fun while engaging them in meaningful learning activities in the summer?

One way is by participating in nature walks and nature hikes. Nature walks and hikes allow children to learn about "the world around them and can take place anywhere such as local parks, backyards, or a national park".

Field trips are another means of balancing fun and learning for children in the summer. A field trip to a "zoo, a museum, to a lake" , and to other educational attractions is an ideal means of having fun and "reinforcing subjects children learned in school or of teaching them for the upcoming school year".

And yet, another way to entertain children while they learn is to introduce them to gardening in the summer. Gardening is a fantastic opportunity to "spend time with the family" and have fun while learning "responsibility, respect for nature, and motor skills".

Finally, children love to play games (not to mention adults do too). Games are educational, and children may not realize they are learning about "math, science, or engaging in critical thinking" while they are playing a board or card game. So, parents pull out a deck of cards or a board game and watch your children have fun while you know they are learning at the same time.

Yes, summer is meant to be a time for fun. Children look forward to not attending classes and to not doing anything associated with learning, but parents rest assure it is possible to have the best of both worlds: fun while learning. For more suggestions about fun learning activities, read the article "8 Hands-On Summer Learning Activities that Will Keep Your Kids Busy".

Visit us to share your thoughts, comments, and suggestions about ways to have fun while engaging children in learning activities in the summer.

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