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Is Algebra Important?

It is such a simple question. Yet, answers can range from yes or no (with no explanation); to it depends (followed by a rather lengthy explanation); or only if one chooses a job that requires the use of it.

It is said that reading is the gateway to success in other subjects. Can the same reasoning apply to Algebra? After all, Algebra is seen as the “gatekeeper” that leads to the understanding and learning of other advanced levels of mathematics. In fact, schools and educators begin exposing students to very simple mathematical elements (of Algebra) at a very early age according to the writer of the article “Why is Algebra so Important?”.

When one thinks about job, income, and college, Algebra is considered the key to the start of doors opening to "well-paid" professional careers and to the opportunity to succeed in college. So, since Algebra is important to being successful; then, ensuring students receive the necessary skills to succeed in Algebra is just as important.

A few ways that parents can aid their students to achieve success in Algebra (or in mathematics in general) are by helping students to “develop a solid math foundation, to have a positive mindset about math”, and to present real life instance where mathematics might be used in daily living and in society. And finally, parents can set the first example (for their students) by displaying a “positive mathematic mindset” as well.

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