Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center



Vision Statement:

To enhance the quality of learning while creating learning opportunities that are accessible to persons from all walks of life.


Our Mission:

Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center's mission is to support persons in fulfilling their greatest individual and academic potentials.


What Sets Us Apart From Others?

Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center is certified and able to conduct business with individuals and with entities locally and nationally. The City of Houston has certified and registered Levy’s Tutorial and Enrichment Center as a minority business enterprise (MBE) and as a women business enterprise (WBE). Also, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has recognized Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center as a small business enterprise (SBE).  In addition, Levy's Tutorial is registered to conduct business with the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) and with Houston Independent School District (HISD). And, Levy's Tutorial is a registered vendor of the BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative. Furthermore, Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center is accredited by the better business bureau (BBB). Finally, Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center is a registered member of the National Afterschool Association (NAA). More information about the business' SBE status is provided in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of the web site.

Even though the business is a for-profit academic tutoring services provider, Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center's main focus is not about meeting an established "quota" of individuals per day, a week or a year.  Here at Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center, the professional staff is "dedicated" to providing a nurturing academic learning environment to meet the needs of "each" individual who entrusts his and her academic learning experience(s) with us. 

Who Are We?

Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center's operation is family-focused and student-oriented. The tutors serve our customers based on what is in the best interest of the individual who selects and relies on us for his and her academic tutoring needs.

Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center follows an old school concept coupled with modern day approach(es) to quality learning. The business operates according to the old school idea that it takes a village to help a student become academically successful. So, the business commits to establishing partnerships (with individuals, schools, parents, and with the student) that ensure the business is addressing the customer's academic learning needs. Also, Levy's Tutorial includes up-to-date approaches in our direct instruction-guided tutoring sessions combined with interactive digital activities to support and to enhance the individual's academic learning experience with the tutor.


In addition, Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center recognizes the necessity to improve and enrich learning is not limited to students who are in school. So, the tutoring sessions are designed to create learning opportunities that are available to adults of all ages. In fact, the "enrichment component" (of our service) offers tutoring sessions to adults of all ages who desire to broaden their knowledge and to better their understanding in the online subjects of English and/or math. The business tailors online subjects (offered to adults) to where the individual is in his or her knowledge of English and math.

For students and for adults (of all ages ) who are interested in a tutoring service that offers a nurturing learning environment, that is self-paced, and that provides an old school idea (concept) with a modern day approach to learning, Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center is at your service.

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

Due to the current status of the pandemic; a surge in coronavirus cases in those vaccinated and unvaccinated; and due to increases in hospitalizations, Levy’s Tutorial and Enrichment Center has put efforts in place to help cease the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Based on reported medical research data that overwhelmingly demonstrates the COVID-19 vaccines are extraordinarily safe and effective, Levy’s Tutorial and Enrichment Center has implemented a COVID-19 vaccination requirement for all employees and for independent contractors who work in an in-person tutoring capacity for Levy’s Tutorial and Enrichment Center.