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Made in America

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What Are You Reading?

The center is spotlighting student's reading selection(s) and offering a $10 discount off tutoring. 1.What book are you reading, students? 2. Who is the author of the book? 3.What is the book about (summarize)? 4.And, why would you suggest others read the selected book?

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Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center provides online tutoring in English language. Interactive, guided sessions are designed to build and to develop the student's working knowledge of language art skills and to give student's the ability to excel in the rules of grammar. Online tutoring sessions are available to students in grades 3-10 and to adults of all ages.

To learn more, please contact us through the chat feature; by e-mail; or by phone.

Reading Comprehension

Reading is often referred to as the gateway to success in other subjects. Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center uses established tutoring methods to assist students in developing stronger comprehension skills and to improve reading fluency. 

Online tutoring is available to students in grades 3-10 and to adults of all ages.

For more information, please contact us.

The Company's Commitment

Levy’s Tutorial and Enrichment Center realizes commitment is key to the learning and to the success of the student(s). The company makes the commitment(s) to parents and to students to:

  • Improve student's comprehension and proficiency in subjects taught in classrooms.

  • Strengthen and better student's problem-solving and critical thinking skills by making comparison to real-world situations.

  • Enhance student's communications skills.

  • Teach and improve student's test taking strategies to score better on standardize tests (STAAR, TEKS, SAT, GED, ACT).

  • Increase student's confidence, participation, and performance in the classroom.

  • Design creative and positive ways to strengthen student's learning ability.

  • Tailor tutoring sessions to meet student's learning needs.

If students are ready to excel in their individual studies, in class and in core subjects; then, book a trial tutoring session that offers a nurturing learning environment. Also, you may contact the company for additional information.

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Adult Enrichment 

Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center recognizes that the need to improve and to enhance learning is not limited to students who are in school. Therefore, tutoring sessions are set-up to create learning opportunities that are accessible to adults of all ages too. 

The adult enrichment tutoring session is tailored to the needs of adults who desire to increase their knowledge and to hone their understanding in the subject areas of English and math.

For more information, please contact us. 



Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center offers online tutoring in math to students in grades 3-10 and to adults of all ages. Online sessions provide individual tutoring with tailored instructions in the various mathematical operations. Student assessments are performed to gauge the student's needs and to record advanced progress in the learning process.


Please contact us for more information.

Homework Time

Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center has designed a program known as homework time. Online sessions are offered to students who do not need the full, structured online tutoring service. The forty-minute session focuses on homework specific assignments. This service is ideal for all students who only need a little help and especially beneficial for busy parents.

Homework time is available for students in grades 3-10 for math, English and for reading comprehension.

For more information, please contact us through the chat feature; by e-mail; or by phone.

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